DSC_0189Xochipilli (joe-kee-pee-lee) is the Aztec god of homosexuals and prostitutes. He is known as the Prince of Flowers and is often associated with maize (ancient corn) and the harvest. He is a god of dance, beauty, art, games, and song. In existing depictions, Xochipilli was often linked with poisons and hallucinogens.

The Xochipilli pieces are hand-cut paper mounted on craft papers in hues of red, white, and blue. The US national colors were choses as a reflection of place and a call to recognize our cultural toxins. Sacred numbers are represented in the flora and fauna counts within each piece. 

Xochipilli Blue Original

“Xochipilli is a god of beauty and craft. The Aztecs chose to link these gifts with queerness and prostitution, which causes me reconsider all of the other, so-called “poisons” in our lives.” — Artist K Ryan Henisey 

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