An Alaskan Sky


One of the joys of visiting Alaska was the surprises of it’s landscape. The atmosphere was often thick with sea air and clouds. This thickness blurred the hills and mountains in the distance, causing an illusion of the sun’s disappearance.

This Alaskan sunset is watercolor on paper, 9 x 6 inches.


High Desert, Sunrise/Sunset

High Desert Sunrise

Sunrise and sunset are times of contrast in the high deserts of the Mojave. Swirls of orange, pink and blue blossom as the light makes her journey through an atmosphere made thick with wind. Stars poke through the heavenly display as the golden orb begins (or completes) her journey.

These delicate paintings are part of the Atmospheric Landscape Series. Sunrise and Sunset, shown here as a dyptic, are watercolor on 140lb paper.