American Spectacle comments on racism through fine art 

American Spectacle, my latest protest drawing, refers to Blake and Stedman’s etchings while overlaying the terms of American butchery. The piece illustrates the racism of our nation in a color palette of patriotism.

In the shadows of the morning.

American Spectacle is inspired by the cruel appetite the public holds for images of Black murder. Walter Scott, Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile are current examples of how we feed racism by sensationalizing the images of Black bodies murdered by the state. 
American Spectacle is approximately 42×35, Sharpie, ink, and acrylic on 140 lb paper. $1800. 

Works by artist K Ryan Henisey are currently on display at LAMAG’s Open Call: Play at Barnsdall Art Part and the Newhall Aquarium. Paintings will show at Ink and Clay 42 at the Kellogg Gallery at Cal Poly Pomona and Viral: 25 Years from Rodney King at the Betti Ono Gallery in Oakland this fall. 


Haiku & Photography


There’s a golden break

Of piercing light; clouds recede,

Lending brief respite.



Protesting under

Darkened clouds; through the drops shine

Emboldened rainbows.



Droplets rain from the

Sky, splashing puddles before

Coming into class.



Rain, rain, reverie;

Let the sky drip wild and free;

Storms bring energy.



Power lines shine gold

In light from the rising sun –

Twice the energy.



Small birds flit and sing,

Forgetting yesterday’s rain,

Happy that it’s spring.



Dandelion roars

Yellow light, matures to a

Puff, blows to a wish.



Up before haunted

Siren calls – rain pours against

The storm darkened streets.



Though no stars shine through

The storm, I have these gridlock

Lights to keep me warm.



Pitter patter on

The roof and quickly though the

Door – wet kids need warmth.



There’s memory

Of feathers hidden behind

Phantom pains: wings lost.



A leaf yields freedom,

Choosing a new wind over

The familiar branch.



I protest and call

For an uncommon life – words

Fall, leaves from my pen.



Winding ‘long the path,

Aimless, my thoughts reflect the

Road.  Dawn breaks ahead.



Don’t bother passing

Till you master cruise control;

Constant speed wins out.



Giggling over texts,

Snark across the continent;

Ah! Judgmental friends.



Fingers cross the sky,

White marks of jets screaming by;

Blue interrupted.



I drive as I live;

Quickly, consistently, a

Bit impatiently.



Palm lined avenues,

Heady with magnolias;

Home in Hollywood.



Thumbnail moon in the

House of Dawn – hybridity

With me in the east.



Multitude words form

Ten thousand ways but only

Signify shadows.



The words, like ravens,

Circle round in inky black;

They raise raucous cries.



Finches sing and search;

The children do the same, their

Pencils at ready.



Cherry blossoms draw

Lovers and the honey bees

For pollination.



Orange vests stall the

Commute.  ‘Slow,’ the sign should read,

‘For the months ahead.’


These haiku first appeared on twitter in April 2012.  I know I’m breaking from photography, but I miss my commute a little.  I thought I’d show the Fourteens.  More on each here and here

Ballad Stanzas



Another voice, another hand

Protesting ‘gainst their might;

Though they are rich and powerful,

It’s we who’re in the right.



Your morning kiss is a delight –

Oh! To be pillowed there,

Resting in your sweet, subtle breath,

Upon that darkened pair.



Sunrise, and the shadows grow long,

Covering coming day;

Through the gloom I scream aloud,

Get out of my fucking way.



A quiet fills the schoolhouse halls

As pencils go to test;

There are no shouts nor bouncing balls,

Just pupils doing best.



Storming upon this concrete sea,

Raging cracks of thunder –

Cut me off and, as lightning’s flash,

You’ll see my middle finger.


These fist appeared on Twitter.   Stop can be seen here in greater detail.  The sign installations were original work by Kai Aspire.

(Status Haiku, a collection of my first 1,000 haiku is also available at Amazon.)