Views III is a fine art critique on the human experience 

The third movement of the Views collection is focused on dialogue. It is a point/counterpoint exploration of communications, technology, and queer sexually. Images and handwriting create a visual environment where language reveals varying perceptions from viewpoints that may be any assortment of straight to queer, celebratory to predatory, religious to lecherous, or supportive to radical. 

These narrative landscapes are physically layered over ink paintings, raised by just a few centimeters. Duality is present in all the works, which seem to argue with one another on symbolism and meaning. 

This hybrid reality recalls the layered existence of queer masculinity. The paintings explore the objectification of the human experience, using a visual language of power, light, and sexuality. The encounters—from online comments to locker room glances—are recognizable to a contemporary audience because they are harvested from our post digital reality. 
Each of the works is paired with its cut companion piece, offering an attempt to reconstruct context, while simultaneously emphasizing the solitary nature of holding a single view. 

There are three sizes of works in Views III: 10 x 10, 12 x 18, and 18 x 24. They are all acrylic ink and sharpie pen layered beneath hand-written, internet-based, narrative poetry. 

Download Sleepy Safari – Free Book by Award Winning Artists on iTunes

SS Cover
Download the book for free on your iPad or Mac.

Imagine laying your child down, but rather than ducks or sheep, you have a safari of animals to sing them to sleep.

The happy animals in this book rest under a dreamy blue-vioelt sky filled with smiling stars and would add an elegant touch to any children’s library.

This book is the collected paintings of the Sleepy Safari set to a lyrical ballad that’s perfect for lulling any little one right to sleep. This book is special to me because it’s dedicated to my niece – the first of my family’s next generation. May all the children in our lives have happy dreams.

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Sleepy Safari is written and illustrated by award winning artist, K. Ryan Henisey.

Slumbering Sea, Book 3 by Award Winning Artist

Slumbering Sea is live in the iTunes and Kindle stores! Get your copy now!


Come with me to the very edge, 
Where dreams go running free, 
And sleep within the turquoise arms 
Of the Slumbering Sea. 

Put your children to sleep as the stars come out above a gentle rolling sea. The happy animals in this downloadable e-book rest beneath the fading light and inspire restful sleep among children of any age. Smiling stars and friendly, familiar animals smile throughout the pages as they cuddle close in their natural habitat.

The gentle, watercolor illustrations and lyrical ballad are perfect for soothing your little one into the land of dreams. Slumbering Sea is the third book in a six book, sleepy-time series. It is preceded by Dreamy Desert and Sleepy Safari.