Sneak Peek – Dreamy Desert

First Page

Here’s a quick peek at the next Happy Habitat. Dreamy Desert is almost complete.

This is the first page, showing bobcat fast asleep. Like Sleepy Safari, this next book is set in a single habitat. This time, I chose the Mojave Desert. I know it well, having spent my childhood and young adult life there. The whistling winds and running coyote are still favorites.

The illustrations for Dreamy Desert all show the brilliant sunset that the desert is known for. Bright yellows and reds glow against the peaceful animals.

Dreamy Desert is the second book in my story-time series. The first, Sleepy Safari is free on iTunes.

Look for Dreamy Desert soon.

SS CoverTuck your children in with Sleepy Safari and they’ll dream of only happy things. Stars look down on all the dreaming animals of the Sleepy Safari and smile with joy. You’ll smile too, knowing that your children will be filled with the love of Happy Habitats. 

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$2.99 on Kindle:

24 Skies

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been birthing a new project. A beautiful, inspirational poem for children sprang forth and seemed to demand illustrations. Here’s a peek into my artistic process: once the poem was drafted and sent to readers, I began sketching the illustrations. For continuity on the pages, I am painting in sections. The sky/background is the first part. More to come.

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