Last Week, Today

Here’s my week in review.
HikingArt and Food Show and LaundryCandy! Bonsai

These screen grabs are straight from Facebook. I love the photo collage it automates. Experimenting with mindfulness, I’ve been shooting and posting pictures throughout the day to Instagram; pretty things, odd things, art making, and eating (of course!). At the end of the day, I’ve been posting them to Facebook, making a review of my joy-makers.

I find the practice quite inspirational. It really is true, what you focus on becomes your reality. Here’s to focusing on something good.

First Day of Summer


It’s the first day of summer and as usual, we were up with the sun. Taking advantage of the hour, we decided to soak in some of our unseasonable warmth (no June Gloom this season). These vistas are looking south from Griffith Park into the city.

Welcome to summer.