The Great Wave of Homework

2012 (72 of 82)

A play on Hokusai’s “The Wave,” this piece of watercolor whimsy shows the crashing load of homework being surfed by our students. Good thing they are all up to the task.

The Great Wave of Homework is the first in a series of Great Masters reinterpretations. These watercolor paintings are a whimsical mix of fine art and school. The Great Wave of Homework is based on Hokusai’s The Great Wave. It is watercolor and ink pen on 140lb paper, 9×12 inches.


Leviathan – 100 Monsters

leviathanLeviathan (lev ī u thun)
Monster Type: Cryptid
Location: Ocean, Unknown
Size: Colossal

Leviathan is a great beast of the sea. Legends tell of a fish or whale so large, it could swallow ships whole. Many tsunami have been blamed on the Leviathan stirring deep beneath the surface.

There are no credible account of Leviathan appearing in modern times. This monster is believed to be extinct.

100 Monsters, But I Am Not Afraid