Something neon, something new. 

Sometimes you just want to try something new — such as neon, PokemonGo, and snapchat! 
This is a little something I’m exploring. It’s a mix of old ideas and a little bit of a challenge with some new. What’s new in your life? Tell me in the comments. 

Coming Soon (Like, Really Soon!)

Slumbering Sea is officially submitted to Amazon and iTunes! Woot!


I’ve been looking forward to sharing this book with you all! The paintings are currently on display at the Newhall Aquarium in Santa Clarita (a stones throw away). Now the book can rest gently in your hands as you send your little ones off to dreamland.

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Slumbering Sea is the third of six Restful Readers. It is preceded by Sleepy Safari and Dreamy Desert!

Look forward to upcoming download dates!