100 Monsters but I am not afraid

When I was a little boy, I suffered from nightmares. In my dreams, monsters would often chase me through the night or down seemingly endless corridors. 

I remember waking in the night, afraid and sweaty. Eventually, with a little guidance, I was able to create safe havens in my dreams. First was the hollowed tree (which always led to another world). Later, I was able to control and edit my dreams — a skill anyone can learn. 

100 Monsters is an exploration of fear and a declaration that there is no need to be afraid. This playful poem, fully illustrated with watercolor portraits of mythological monsters, is a delight for the whole family. 

100 Monsters and other sleepy time poems are available for download here

‘100 Monsters’ take children on a world tour of mythology

There’s no need to be afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night. Explore the world of myth and monsters in this 2 for 1 book! Children will delight at this adorable rhyming book and monster encyclopedia.

Each monster is fully illustrated in K. Ryan Henisey’s award winning, watercolor and ink style. Children and families will sing along, listing all the classical creatures that don’t scare them at all.

Both ‘100 Monsters’ and the ‘Monstrous Encyclopedia’ teach children not to be afraid. With sweet faces and bright smiles, each illustrated monster encourages bravery.

Perfect for reading aloud, ‘100 Monsters’ allows low level readers the opportunity to read a book over 100 pages long! Parents and teachers can read the rhyming book aloud, leaving young readers the opportunity to explore the encyclopedia at their leisure.

All of the monsters within the book are taken from global mythology, representing locations and stories from around the world.

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On the Eleventh Night of Halloween

Halloween is Almost Here!

11 Imps-a-skulking
11 Imps-a-skulking

On the eleventh night of Halloween my mom-ster scared me with eleven imps-a-skulking, ten wolves-a-howling, nine wicked witches, eight zombies walking, seven trolls-a-trampling, six ghosts-a-haunting, Five Vampire Bats! four grinning pumpkins, three grunting goblins, two black cats and a skull for our skeleton tree. 

I’m celebrating with a little e-book, The Thirteen Nights of Halloween. This fully illustrated children’s book is a fun counting read for the whole family. Just sing along to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas!

And be sure to show some love to the Mom-ster in your life!

On the thirteenth night of Halloween my mom-ster frightened me with thirteen dancing devils...

Get Creative with Medusa!

Draw or paint along with veteran school teacher and award winning artist, K Ryan Henisey. As Ryan draws and paints an illustration of Medusa, he inspires with messages of creativity and achievement. Parents, teachers and kids alike will delight at this introduction to creativity.

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