Getting into spirit

I’m getting into the Halloween spirit with 100 Monsters all around me. 
A few of my favorites are hanging at the office, frightening all who pass by. Luckily, there’s no need to be afraid of these adorable monsters, reimagined from classical world mythology. 


You can catch all of the monsters in my downloadable book, 100 Monsters but I am Not Afraid. All copies include a Monstrous Encyclopedia with details on each creature. 


K Ryan Henisey is an award-winning, LA-area artists whose watercolor and mixed media works explore the human experience. Formerly a public school teacher, Ryan’s children themed works create a positive and kind environment for all using classic forms on digital channels. 

‘100 Monsters’ take children on a world tour of mythology

There’s no need to be afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night. Explore the world of myth and monsters in this 2 for 1 book! Children will delight at this adorable rhyming book and monster encyclopedia.

Each monster is fully illustrated in K. Ryan Henisey’s award winning, watercolor and ink style. Children and families will sing along, listing all the classical creatures that don’t scare them at all.

Both ‘100 Monsters’ and the ‘Monstrous Encyclopedia’ teach children not to be afraid. With sweet faces and bright smiles, each illustrated monster encourages bravery.

Perfect for reading aloud, ‘100 Monsters’ allows low level readers the opportunity to read a book over 100 pages long! Parents and teachers can read the rhyming book aloud, leaving young readers the opportunity to explore the encyclopedia at their leisure.

All of the monsters within the book are taken from global mythology, representing locations and stories from around the world.

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Frost Giant – 100 Monsters

Download the giant and all 100 Monsters to your e-reader.
Download the giant and all 100 Monsters to your e-reader.

Frost Giant (frost – jī ant)

Monster Type: Humanoid

Location: Northern Europe, Scandinavia  

Size: Giant

Frost Giants are a race of beings that live among the ice and snow of the far north. Hidden behind their mountain passes, Frost Giants live in family groups, much like us. An adult Frost Giant stands about as tall as a six story building.

Frost Giants rarely notice humans. With their heads so high in the clouds, they have trouble communicating with creatures our size.

Leviathan – 100 Monsters

leviathanLeviathan (lev ī u thun)
Monster Type: Cryptid
Location: Ocean, Unknown
Size: Colossal

Leviathan is a great beast of the sea. Legends tell of a fish or whale so large, it could swallow ships whole. Many tsunami have been blamed on the Leviathan stirring deep beneath the surface.

There are no credible account of Leviathan appearing in modern times. This monster is believed to be extinct.

100 Monsters, But I Am Not Afraid