#SayHerName on display at Long Beach Playhouse

#SayHerName is on display for all showings of Evolve Theatre’s ‘Choosing Us’ at the Long Beach Playhouse, March 18-19 & 25-26, 2015.   
I wept the day I learned of Shade Schuler’s death. I’d never met her, hadn’t seen her picture until that morning, but I’d just finished the portraits of Lamia Beard, Ty Underwood, Jazmin Vash Payne, Taja de Jesus, Penny Proud, Bri Golec, Kristina Gomez Reinwald, London Chanel, Mercedes Williamson and India Clarke. The quick succession of portraits brought only sadness; death lingers heavily on the United States.

In just weeks, more names were added to the list of those destroyed: K.C. Haggard, Amber Monroe, Elisha Walker, Kandis Capri, Ashton O’Hara, Tamara Dominguez, Jasmine Collins, Keyshia Blige, Keisha Jenkins, and Zella Ziona.

Transgender women face a one in twelve chance of being murdered in the United States; Transgender women of color have a one in eight chance.

#SayHerName is a twenty-one piece set of 18 x 24 watercolor and ink portraits of Trans Women killed in the Untied States during 2015. Each piece is painted in reds and blues with negative white space as a dra- matic contrasting element. This red, white and blue color scheme reflects the citizenship of the women and the culture that produced their deaths. Paint is splattered across the pristine white of each page, representing the violence each woman faced. The backgrounds number their murders as reported (not the order that they occurred).


K. Ryan Henisey is a queer artist in Los Angeles. The art in his #ArtToEndViolence collection celebrates a passion for important and challenging social justice issues juxtaposed against a veneer of pop art. The superficiality of the genre draws attention to the violence perpetuated against communities marginalized by the dominant culture by forcing the viewer to confront what is meaningful. http://kryanhenisey.com

June is BIG!

Hey everybody! June is a big month!


It starts off with an opening on Thursday, June 4 at Orange County Creatives, 6-9pm. #BlueHolocaust was selected as part of the “In The Neighboorhood” show, an international juried exhibition which benefits a local non-profit in Laguna Beach. I’ll also have new work up for June as a gallery artist.

The very next evening, Friday, June 5 at The HUD in Ventura, 6-9pm is an opening for the June Group Show. A selection of my “grid” or “slide-puzzle” pieces will be brightening up the gallery space for summer.IMG_5987

The following week, on Friday, June 12, (6-9pm) in celebration of LA Pride, the Los Angeles Art Association is hosting an opening reception for Out There. #Sticks&Stones was selected as one of the pieces celebrating LGBT culture. I’m especially excited about this show because it happens to be in my neighborhood!

Finally, the following Saturday, June 20, from 1-7pm in Long Beach, my artwork will be on display for Los Angeles’s first Augmented Reality Art Walk. This special event will project art pieces, through the magic of the interwebs, onto the walls of Downtown Long Beach – but the kicker is that they will only be visible through your smart phone (iPhone and Android). Hello awesome!

I hope to see you at one or more of the events!