Please give the gift of opportunity to 500 emerging artists this season


Please give the gift of opportunity to 500 emerging artists this season. Your donation makes it possible for the Los Angeles Art Association to provide local programming, showcasing the talent of new and innovative artistic voices in Los Angeles. Personally, LAAA has given me the chance to have work selected and displayed by art sector notables such as Leslie Jones, curator for LACMA. These opportunities allow artists such as myself the ability to speak on a larger scale. Art can change the world. Your donation helps set that in motion. Happy holidays!

Serving over 700 artists, including myself (two gallery exhibitions and the opportunity to participate in a year-long artist circle dedicated to honing our craft), LAAA provided 36 scholarships to economically challenged artists, presented 25 exhibitions at Gallery 825, 10 offsite exhibitions, 48 artist critique groups, 4 full day artist training workshops and 8 artist talks.

Out There, LA Art Association & Gallery 825's Special Pride Event Show, Summer 2015
Out There, was part of LAAA’s & Special Pride Event Show, Summer 2015 at Gallery 825

LAAA provides oportunities for emerginig artists to help shape and change the world around us. Art is a powerful tool for social change; one I personally was allowed to explore thanks to programs and support of LAAA. Art enlivens the mind, quickens the heart, and inspires the senses.

I’m proud to be giving this holdiay season to the Los Angeles Art Asscoiation. Please consider joining me in your charitable donations this year. Art has the power to shape our reality. Los Angeles Art Association, with the help of your donations, provides a platform for artists to instrument that change.

If you can’t make a donation at this point, please help me reach my goal by sharing this page on your social media page(s): Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram- whatever you think is best. Or, even better, please send an e-mail to your friends on my behlaf to people you think might be interested in contributing (and of course please don’t forget to include a link to my page!).

Winner, Award of Excellence in Fine Art, Watercolors, California State Fair, 2015
Winner, Award of Excellence in Fine Art, Watercolors, California State Fair, 2015 – Currently on display at LAAA’s Open Show.

Trans Day of Remembrance 

21 Transgender Women have been murdered in 2015 in the US. Today, November 20, is Transgender Day of Remembrance.   
Throughout the day, I’ll be posting portraits of the women we’ve lost. 

Lamia Beard

Ty Underwood

Jazmin Vash Payne

Taja de Jesus

Penny Proud


Look for the Light

Urban Forest

Urban Forest is an illustration to remind us to look towards the light. Even in the rubble of a cold and impersonal world, light and life manage to break through. A flower grows beneath a small tree, the spot of green a promise of joy and companionship.


Guardian Angels Perfect Baby Shower Gift

These adorable Guardian Angels have joined the Minis!


Angel rests upon a cloud, leading the guardian angels through the night. Hope hovers, smiling and promising a happy day ahead. Dreams drift overhead, lifting the spirits and clearing away the troubles of the day.

Each angel is an original watercolor painting, 5 inches square. These are just perfect for the nursery. The happy angels will keep watch over the baby, ensuring a peaceful night.