The Home Place, an illustrated map of childhood 

Here’s a quick peek into what I’ve been working on. This autobiographical painting is a watercolor and ink exploration of my childhood home. Part map – part story, Nostalgia is at once a repository of childhood innocence and a visual narration of coming-of-age. 

I grew up in the big yellow house on the hill, among the fires and floods, the bobcats and bears. There was magic in special places. 

Nostalgia is watercolor and mixed media on 140 lb paper. It is approximately 42 x 50 inches unframed. 



Avocado Grid

The creamy smoothness of the avocado flows in watercolor swirls of delicate yellow and delicious green. This watercolor piece, from the Fractured Collection, explored the nature of separateness and wholeness. Each of the nine panels is five inches square. The piece was on display at The Hud for the Summer Group Show.