The Escape! Mini artwork wanders

The mini paintings got out and they are enjoying their freedom! Be on the lookout! One might end up under your tree. 

Each mini is an original watercolor painting by award winning artist, K. Ryan Henisey. Watercolor minis are each 5×5 inches square and are available framed and unframed starting at $25. Commissions are welcome starting at $35. 

A Perfect Surprise – Printmaking Workshop


What a treat! Last year for Christmas I spent the morning (the day after the holiday) making monotypes at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut. A master printer and local artist led us in a private and thoroughly enjoyable morning workshop. It was one of the most enjoyable gifts Ive ever received – and I was able to crete some stunning new pieces!

Art. Got to love it.


Golden Monkeys 

This set of watercolors was commissioned a little over a year ago. They were selected by a living grandmother for her sweet little grandchildren. Thesesmonkeys frolic and play just like their sweet and adorable little owners. 

Commissions are always welcome.