When the law is on the side of injustice

We question the notion of peace. 

Prosecutors will not pursue charges against the officer involved in the killing of Freddie Gray. 

#HisNameWasFreddie is watercolor, ink, wax crayon, and sharpie on 140lb paper. 36×36 inches. Framed in black, retails at $3,500 (25% of artist profits to charity). 


Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Protests
Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Protests

On April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray was arrested by Baltimore Police for allegedly possessing a switch blade knife. During transport, Gray suffered sever injuries to his spine. He died on April 19th. Days later, six officers were charged with crimes connected to his death.

Gray’s death triggered a series of protests, many of which still continue throughout the country. These protests highlights the great disparity of freedom and dignity afforded to members of the African American community, especially at the hands of law enforcement.

#hisnamewasfreddie is a new piece in #ArttoEndViolence. It’s mixed media, watercolor, wax and ink on 140lb paper, 36×36.