The Birth of Creation: myth in watercolor 

There are many stories of the beginning and they all begin with light. For the Ancient Greeks, Chaos sprang from the nothingness, her life a stark contrast to the Void. From the joining of Chaos and the Void was Light. That light, for many Polynesian’s, was the Voice of Io – the all-father. When he spoke, the darkness was illuminated and the empty spaces were filled with expanding life. His songs became the fabric of reality, each thread an infinite piece in the tapestry of the universe. 
Out of the darkness is a series depicting the struggle of existence through a lens of global storytelling. Pieces 1-5 won second place at South Bay Contemporary’s August show, 2014, Juried by Scott Canty. Truly an honor.

The seven pieces recreate the cosmos using Athabaskan, Polynesian, Greek, Aboriginal and Indian mythologies.

K Ryan Henisey is an LA area artist. His works are presently on display at Kellogg University Art Gallery’s Ink & Clay 42, Viral RK25 at Betti Ono Gallery in Oakland, and at the Newhall Aquarium. 

Enjoy The Frog Prince this drizzly morning 

After Princess loses her favored iPad, she makes a new, slimy friend. How will she ever get out of it?

This classic fairytale is retold by award winning author and veteran public school teacher, K. Ryan Henisey. Original drawings accompany the retellings in each video, promising to inspire as well as teach.

Parents, Teachers and children, please enjoy these videos. Feel free to share across your own platforms.


Water and Words, Transformed 

After it’s long filtration through the caverns and dark places of the earth, language and water is transformed. From the spring, it emerges, sparkling and clear, filled with kindness and the light of hope.

Prayers of peace and hope rest upon the waves of the stream and crashing ocean.

Water and Words is a watercolor tryptic, meditating upon the nature of language.

Water and words are fine art watercolor originals; each is 12×9 inches, unframed. 

Get Creative with Medusa!

Draw or paint along with veteran school teacher and award winning artist, K Ryan Henisey. As Ryan draws and paints an illustration of Medusa, he inspires with messages of creativity and achievement. Parents, teachers and kids alike will delight at this introduction to creativity.

Parents, Teachers and children, please enjoy these videos. Feel free to share across your own platforms.