Monument Views offer a new look

Monument Views at The Women in Games International E3 Party 2017 hosted by Two Bit Circus in downtown Los Angeles. These digital artworks were displayed on 12 inch screens.

Each image is layered with repeated filters, creating an illusion of movement and animation. Three video cycles were included in the displayed art piece. 

Digital moments captured in Views IV 

Views IV is an emotional and digital exploration of commodification using photography, digital collage, and color as modes of expression. The nine-piece set explores various world-‘views’ through figurative line-drawings. Unnatural color effects and iPhone pixelations remind viewers of our own natural ability to shape reality through perception.

As in the companion sets, found images from various porn Tumblr and Reddit-type sites are rendered into superimposed, line-drawn subjects. Color-manipulated digital photographs, mostly shot using iOS devices in California, evoke the layered effects of past experience and future expectation upon a living moment. 

Views IV is a collection of works on memory and the moment. The nine digital collages are printed on metal, 11 x 14 inches. $350 each.