Trans Day of Remembrance 

21 Transgender Women have been murdered in 2015 in the US. Today, November 20, is Transgender Day of Remembrance.   
Throughout the day, I’ll be posting portraits of the women we’ve lost. 

Lamia Beard

Ty Underwood

Jazmin Vash Payne

Taja de Jesus

Penny Proud


Sunset, Alaska


The dawning of spring was bitterly cold the year we visited Alaska. Of course, the Alaskan peoples were all overjoyed for the warmth of 0-20 degrees Fahrenheit! One of the most amazing things to me was the whiteness of the land. Being a Southern Californian (fifth generation, I’ll have you know) I’m acquainted, but not familiar with snow. The experience north was something I’d never seen before. The simplicity of the palate but rich texture of shade and light was dominant in the landscape.


Alaskan Sunrise, here is watercolor on 140lb paper. It is nine by six inches.



One of Eight Artists Chosen


I’m pleased to announce that I am one of eight artists that were chosen to create partner works for The Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County’s 2016 Open House & Art Auction as part of the Memories in the Making program.

“The 2016 Memories in the Making® Art Collection features artwork created by program participants, as well as local artists.
Eight artists were chosen to create a paired companion piece in their preferred medium. Each artist selected a painting created during a Memories in the Making class, which will serve as the inspiration for their own work of art. Both pieces will be displayed and sold together in order to raise funds and community awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. All art will be debuted at the Orange County Alzheimer’s Association Holiday Open House on December 16th, 2015.”
Stay tuned through November to learn more about Alzheimer’s, the amazing things happening in the Memories in the Making program, and the art.

Get Creative with Medusa!

Draw or paint along with veteran school teacher and award winning artist, K Ryan Henisey. As Ryan draws and paints an illustration of Medusa, he inspires with messages of creativity and achievement. Parents, teachers and kids alike will delight at this introduction to creativity.

Parents, Teachers and children, please enjoy these videos. Feel free to share across your own platforms.