Weekend Painting

I’ve been working on clouds and soft-lines. The delicate backgrounds have been great for these character portraits:

Mr. Coyote Mr. Crow

Mr. Crow & Mr. Coyote are watercolor and ink on paper, 18 x 24, $65.00 each.

Gather the Family this Holiday with Dreamy Desert

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Gather the family and give the gift of restful sleep with Dreamy Desert. As a child, I lived on the edge of the Mojave desert, watching the sunsets stain the sky in reds, oranges and pinks. The wildlife and starry skies of my youth are the backdrop for this sweet rhyming ballad.

The happy animals in this downloadable e-book rest beneath the desert sunset and inspire restful sleep among children of any age. Smiling stars and friendly, familiar animals smile throughout the pages as they cuddle close in their natural habitat. 

Inside Page Mountain Lion

Dreamy Desert is the second book in a six book, sleepy-time series. Sleepy Safari, the first book in the series is available for free download


Dreamy Desert – Available April 18

Dreamy Desert Cover

Dreamy Desert, the next book in my sleepy-time series is available for download starting Friday, April 18th in the iTunes store.

Dreamy Desert follows Sleepy Safari, this time taking a restful journey through a dusky, desert sunset. Encounter animals such as owl, bobcat, lizard, mouse, crow and coyote as you bring your children to sleep. Happy stars smile down over the quiet animals, promising nights filled with pleasant dreams.

Pre-Order your copy on iTunes today. 

Download Sleepy Safari Free.