Behold brings contemporary fine art to The Lost Sparrow

Behold, a painting from the first movement of my 2017 Views collection, was published in The Lost Sparrow.

The image captures the frenzied pace of Los Angeles within the frame of a cool and relaxed subject of desire. Behold is 36×36 inches, acrylic and sharpie on canvas, and is part of the first movement of my 2017 Views collection, which explores meaning in a contemporary context through a visual language of landscapes, male figures, power, light, and communications.

Visit to purchase your copy of the chapbook for $7. The collected works include prose, poetry, and fine art from collected contributors.

Monument Views offer a new look

Monument Views at The Women in Games International E3 Party 2017 hosted by Two Bit Circus in downtown Los Angeles. These digital artworks were displayed on 12 inch screens.

Each image is layered with repeated filters, creating an illusion of movement and animation. Three video cycles were included in the displayed art piece.