Tamir Rice, a child victim of the Blue Holocaust

When they come, black booted and their sirens blazing, the community shuts its doors and draws its curtains tight. To the neighborhood, emergency sounds mean another black boy may die tonight.
On November 22, 2014, Tamir Rice was shot and killed by two police officers.
Tamir was in a park, with his toy gun. When the call was made to emergency services, Tamir was described as “a male sitting on a swing and pointing a gun at people,” “probably a juvenile.” Tamir was fired upon twice, fatally struck once in the torso. The investigation into Tamir’s death is ongoing but failures of justice and controversy surrounding police-involved deaths of other African American children has caused unrest in neighborhoods throughout the United States.

Tamir was 12 years old. This occurred in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hands up. Don’t shoot. 

The above was excerpted from the full statement on #BlueHolocaust. The original watercolor and ink paintings have shown in various locations throughout Southern California. 


Please give the gift of opportunity to 500 emerging artists this season


Please give the gift of opportunity to 500 emerging artists this season. Your donation makes it possible for the Los Angeles Art Association to provide local programming, showcasing the talent of new and innovative artistic voices in Los Angeles. Personally, LAAA has given me the chance to have work selected and displayed by art sector notables such as Leslie Jones, curator for LACMA. These opportunities allow artists such as myself the ability to speak on a larger scale. Art can change the world. Your donation helps set that in motion. Happy holidays!

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Out There, LA Art Association & Gallery 825's Special Pride Event Show, Summer 2015
Out There, was part of LAAA’s & Special Pride Event Show, Summer 2015 at Gallery 825

LAAA provides oportunities for emerginig artists to help shape and change the world around us. Art is a powerful tool for social change; one I personally was allowed to explore thanks to programs and support of LAAA. Art enlivens the mind, quickens the heart, and inspires the senses.

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Winner, Award of Excellence in Fine Art, Watercolors, California State Fair, 2015
Winner, Award of Excellence in Fine Art, Watercolors, California State Fair, 2015 – Currently on display at LAAA’s Open Show.



Water & Words, Part 3

After it’s long filtration through the caverns and dark places of the earth, language and water is transformed. From the spring, it emerges, sparkling and clear, filled with kindness and the light of hope.

Prayers of peace and hope rest upon the waves of the stream and crashing ocean.

Water and Words is a watercolor tryptic, meditating upon the nature of language.