The view from here, a watercolor landscape

When the light and water are just right, poppies bloom across the desert. Ghosts of the past linger on the wind as shadows collect the heady scents of spring. Our home was made among the power lines and oil derricks of the California countryside; I have never known an uninterrupted sky.

Desert Views is watercolor and watercolor, wax crayon and ink on 140lb paper, 39 x 42 inches.



The Grape Soda Lupines that bloom with the poppies near my childhood home at the edge of the Mojave are some of the most beautiful flowers. The contrast of the Orange poppies against these vibrant purple blooms has always been a favorite. I always thing of the Yellow Umbrellas when I think of spring. I remember being a young boy, fascinated and inspired by Christo’s amazing installation – it was basically in my backyard – of yellow among the springtime flowers.

What are your earliest memories of art and nature?

Seven Poppies 

Seven poppies from my spring 2015 collection of wild flowers. Seven Poppies is watercolor on 140lb paper. The trick with these paintings is a steady hand; that crisp clean paper is hard to keep pristine! The depth of color is achieved by mixing hues; there are a total of six separate colors used in each poppy.

Read all about the amazing poppy season we had this year on the blog.

The Wild Flower Collection was on display Orange County Creatives Gallery, Spring 2015.


The Potential in Light

Fourteen Curves

The last few years I taught in public schools, I commuted over an hour each direction from my urban apartment (heaven for this country-raised kid!) to largely rural and rural/suburban communities in the desert. The landscape in the morning was always filled with potential. Here, I’ve captured the golden light of the rising sun as it stains the mountains. Below in the shadows are the jumbled, directional thoughts of those passing by on the freeway. At such speeds, we must seem like passing thoughts to the cosmos.

Fourteen curves is acrylic and ink pen on canvas. This piece has appeared in numerous locations, most recently in Location 1980’s Celebrating California exhibition.