Ganymedes Raptu.jpgGanymedes was a prince and loved by all the gods. His beauty and charm were a marvel to the world. One day in his lust, Zeus, while disguised as a great golden eagle, kidnapped and raped the youth. Afterwards, enamored with Ganymedes, the god made him cupbearer to the gods and placed him in the heavens as the constellation we know today as Aquarius. 


The stop animation for Ganymedes A is made of 20 hand-cut, vintage atlas pages of various US states. Twenty represents paring, partnerships, and creative expansion. The earth tones of the atlas pages are an intentional foil to the dream-making of the upward glance, echoing the conflict of fear and opportunity in the Ganymedes myth. 

Ganymedes Raptu is watercolor and mixed media (a motley collection of markers, watercolor, ink, and metal foil) on paper. The image depicts Ganymede being made and unmade at the fulcrum of terror and promise.


“Ganymedes’ is a story of overcoming hardship. In both the animation and the painting, I wanted to break apart the moment of reflection. It’s a moment I find fraught with terror—and potential.” —Artist K Ryan Henisey

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