A vibration like any word

Out There, LA Art Association & Gallery 825's Special Pride Event Show, Summer 2015
Out There, LA Art Association & Gallery 825’s Special Pride Event Show, Summer 2015

Faggot.  A vibration like any word,

Yet it cries with an adrenaline surge.

Neutering sound, it’s still to often heard;

There is a cost to this offensive dirge:

‘Faggot,’ a little boy catches the sound,

Which arrows places both soft and sacred,

Striking the heart that Love has yet to found,

Leaving him, a child cold and naked.

Faggot! A Siren’s song throughout the years,

Immutable as his natural want,

It weaves the noose with violating jeers –

A suicide statistic for a taunt.

Children, consider more than just their hate;

Your out brothers will help carry the weight.

From my notes:
I dedicate this poem to October and LGBT Awareness Month.  After reading about more bullycides and being called a faggot in front of my school this month, I decided to pen a poem about the word.  This is the result.  
It is my great hope that young people discovering their identities feel a sense of community rather than a world built upon hatred.  Please share; help end homophobia.  (2012?)

Sonnet 6 – Love’s Singularity


Gods! Set Love and make we two her satellites

Where we’ll form a bright singularity,

Bending her like accretion disks do light,

Disregarding space, time, and gravity.

Or make of us one great constellation,

Brightly shining like heroes of yesteryear,

And seat us high in that god-like station

Beyond this terrestrial atmosphere.

Across the aeons of this universe,

Let poets spy us through great telescopes,

Composing songs in strange, alien verse

Or epics to inspire bold lover’s hopes.

      Yea, Gods! Behold our unparalleled love

      And fix it in that vast, frontier above.


The image above is NGC 6302 from Hubble Images.  


American Gaze

I make an escape, furtive it may be;

For lunch I flee responsibility.



The machine in me, cold, unfeeling thing,

Drives, pumps, but like Hollow-men cannot sing.



Traced on my skin are echoes of your touch,

Ghostly love-lines that my memories clutch.



Softly Dawn rides, chasing after Night;

Let this parting kiss set the world to right.



A smokeless, fall fire consumes all the trees;

Days grow longer with winter on the breeze.



Do mountains wonder at our frenzied pace

Or are they lifeless in their ageless grace?



Hoar-frosted puddles and glistening trees,

Dawn wears winter with fashionable ease.



I just want to drive a heavy-foot speed;

Clear out the left lane, this engine’s been freed.



Oh, to stay abed, your wish my command,

But Daylight called his work-a-day demand.



One thousand mornings of little goodbyes

And every one with you is a surprise.
American Gaze: Zap (Detail)

Couplets 1-10 are here.  American Gaze can be seen in its original post.  These couplets first appeared on Twitter.

The Problem with Patience


Highway Stars 3


The problem with Patience is the way she flies,

How she flakes and hides or wears a disguise;

She only comes ’round when needed the least,

Never before I’ve turned into a beast.

Where are you, dear, now I’m stuck in traffic,

Trapped between all the smog, glass, and plastic?

As hours grow long, it’s Patience I miss

When caught at the office as things go amiss.

I imagine her off playing at tasks,

Sipping her Starbucks and lounging, relaxed;

She’s gone for a pedi, manicure too;

I know this because she’s never with you.

    Oh, the problem  with Patience is that she flies;

    She’ll promise you calm, just know that she lies.



Here under the sky and luminous moon,

I’ll watch the ascending sun come full bloom.



On concrete seams, we’re daily split in twain,

But Road and Evening bring us whole again.



Anacoluthia bothers me not –

A few words it’s just the wrong put in spot.



From Hollywood and her thick morning mist,

I drive to the desert, still summer-kissed.



Heavy with sleep, my heart still skips a beat;

Your lips brush mine and waking dawns replete.



Ephemeral Dawn, fleeting ‘cross the street,

Burns prints, ruddy pink, with her shining feet.



Beyond scattered clouds, dawn breaks with her shine,

A bright reminder that the day is mine.



A bit of soup at the tail end of day

Melts storm-cloud hearts as worry drips away.



I breathe in to taste your pillowed scent;

What rapture this! My love is heaven sent.



The pull between hope and reality

Is the pump that gives life its energy.


These rhyming couplets first appeared on twitter.  Fourteen can be seen in greater detail here.