Behold brings contemporary fine art to The Lost Sparrow

Behold, a painting from the first movement of my 2017 Views collection, was published in The Lost Sparrow.

The image captures the frenzied pace of Los Angeles within the frame of a cool and relaxed subject of desire. Behold is 36×36 inches, acrylic and sharpie on canvas, and is part of the first movement of my 2017 Views collection, which explores meaning in a contemporary context through a visual language of landscapes, male figures, power, light, and communications.

Visit to purchase your copy of the chapbook for $7. The collected works include prose, poetry, and fine art from collected contributors.

Getting into spirit

I’m getting into the Halloween spirit with 100 Monsters all around me. 
A few of my favorites are hanging at the office, frightening all who pass by. Luckily, there’s no need to be afraid of these adorable monsters, reimagined from classical world mythology. 


You can catch all of the monsters in my downloadable book, 100 Monsters but I am Not Afraid. All copies include a Monstrous Encyclopedia with details on each creature. 


K Ryan Henisey is an award-winning, LA-area artists whose watercolor and mixed media works explore the human experience. Formerly a public school teacher, Ryan’s children themed works create a positive and kind environment for all using classic forms on digital channels. 

100 Monsters but I am not afraid

When I was a little boy, I suffered from nightmares. In my dreams, monsters would often chase me through the night or down seemingly endless corridors. 

I remember waking in the night, afraid and sweaty. Eventually, with a little guidance, I was able to create safe havens in my dreams. First was the hollowed tree (which always led to another world). Later, I was able to control and edit my dreams — a skill anyone can learn. 

100 Monsters is an exploration of fear and a declaration that there is no need to be afraid. This playful poem, fully illustrated with watercolor portraits of mythological monsters, is a delight for the whole family. 

100 Monsters and other sleepy time poems are available for download here

Settle the children with Sleepy Safari

Imagine laying your child down, but rather than ducks or sheep, you have a safari of animals to sing them to sleep.

The happy animals in this book rest under a dreamy blue-vioelt sky filled with smiling stars and would add an elegant touch to any children’s library.

This book is the collected paintings of the Sleepy Safari set to a lyrical ballad that’s perfect for lulling any little one right to sleep. This book is special to me because it’s dedicated to my niece – the first of my family’s next generation. May all the children in our lives have happy dreams.



 Sleepy Safari is written and illustrated by award winning artist, K. Ryan Henisey. All illustrations are watercolor and ink. 

Take the kids on a break with Sleepy Safari and the Restful Readers

K. Ryan Henisey, teacher and award winning artist, reads Sleepy Safari, the first in a series of sleepy-time readers for young families.

Rather than ducks or sheep, count a safari for your sleep.

The happy animals on Sleepy Safari rest under a magical sky of smiling stars. This bedtime book is great for children of all ages and encourages restful sleep.

Read along with the gentle rhyming ballad to induce happy dreams.