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Pulse, at Best Framers in Costa Mesa (love those guys!). Pulse will be on display at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, June 9-16, 2017, as part of the city’s Pride activities.

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I work in a variety of media, always happy to explore something new. Most of my work is in acrylics and watercolor. I love collage and have a number of pieces that incorporate paper textures. Word and text are prevalent within my paintings as are themes related to the road, power-lines, mythology and more.

Mythologies —selected watercolor, mixed media, and digital works—retells Queer myths from Classic and global mythology using contemporary self-portraiture. The paintings are on display at TAG gallery from August 28-September 22 in the artist’s first solo exhibition.

Views, the Spring 2017 collection, is a “set-of-sets” using a variety of media to reconstruct the deconstructed reality we have created through systematized commodification of the elements and humanity.

#ArttoEndViolence, a 9 piece watercolor and ink set of portraiture won an Award of Excellenceat the California State Fair, 2015. It is the titular piece for a collection of works addressing social justice issues in the United States.

Issues concerning social justice are very close to my heart. As a veteran school teacher, I had (and have) a responsibility to our children to create a better world. My art helps to shape that world (and what better person to introduce the difficult subjects of violence and hate to children than an experience teaching professional?). Only by confronting the reality of the past will we be able to heal and move forward into a brighter future.

With my background in public education, a number of my 2012-2014 art and poetic works are children oriented. I have four children’s books available for download on iTunes. My work is frequently displayed in locations throughout the Los Angeles Area.


All artwork is available through the artist or through a representing gallery. For information on any of the pieces, please email lifeasgood(at)

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