Open Call LA @ Barnsdall Art Park


Winner: Award of Excellence, California State Fair, 2015 #ArtToEndViolence

Winner: 2nd Place, South Bay Contemporary Art Gallery, 2014 Out of the Darkness

Winner: 3rd Place, Orange County Creatives Gallery, 2014 Bougainvillea 

Member: TAG Gallery and Los Angeles Art Association

Face Collage

Ryan Henisey is an artist living in California. Ryan’s art has appeared in locations throughout the Golden State. His fine art work is greatly influenced by life in LA, the queer experience, social justice, and his early work as a public school teacher. The titular piece of his series #ArtToEndViolence was awarded and Award of Excellence in Watercolor at the California State Fair, 2015. In August, 2014, Ryan also won second place in South Bay Contemporary’s All Themes Considered, a national show juried by Scott Canty, former Director of the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.

Ryan grew up outside of Los Angeles on the border to the Angeles National Forest, spending his youth drawing, writing, and making creations out of any material he could get his hands on.

Ryan attended California State University, Bakersfield, earning his Bachelors in English and a California Teaching Credential. He was chosen as the Most Outstanding Credential Student, Antelope Valley in 2003. He returned a year later, earning his Masters in English in 2008. Ryan taught General Education, Fine Arts, and GATE in California Public Schools for over a decade.

Outside of work and his personal projects, Ryan is also a member and emeritus leader for Emerging Art Leaders Los Angeles, where he served three years as Communications Chair. Presently, Ryan works as a creative professional in Los Angeles, guiding internal change communications for a major travel and hospitality brand.

You may contact the artist at lifeasgood@gmail.com.

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The views expressed here and in my art are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer or any agency or organization that I may be affiliated with. 

66 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ryan, your blog is fascinating – my Scandinavian genes are wondering if Grendel is on your monster list… is someone putting the Balad to music? I also enjoy your Haiku.

  2. Thank you. I hadn’t thought of Grendel, but he would make excellent monster for the collection ( perhaps with a line about tearing people limb from limb ). I had thought about using Scandanavian Trolls though. Maybe I’ll have to use both.

    I just thought about adding music to the ballad. That would be pretty amazing. My plan is to release it as an e-reader picture book on iTunes, but I’m open to exploring many different paths.

    Thanks for the comment. I love your blog and the lives of the dolls.

    1. It is, but it’s one of those challenges that has huge rewards. I get hugs everyday, which is not a bad way to live. The most difficult part, when working with children, is establishing solid and consistent routines. They like order; for most small children the world is a vast and chaotic place. Once you have that, children can do anything.

  3. Something in common—I taught 4th grade instrumental music in North Haven, Ct for 40 years. It’s a great career. Every Summer I became an artist. Retired in ’96, so now am a full time artist. Thanks for visiting my site. Keep teaching and keep creating! .

    1. How wonderful. Yes, it’s nice to be able to choose a second job you love over the summer. Immalways surprised that there aren’t more teacher-artists; we all lead such creative lives.

      Your artwork is lovely. I’ve been peeking at a variety of your pieces for a while.

  4. Thanks for liking the colour of love.

    I’ve downloaded Status Haiku … I will be reading it on my flight to Venice, Italy in the hope that I will be inspired and disciplined!

    But I tempted to take a peek before then …

  5. Thank you for your recent visit. After reading your About – thanks for teaching in the trenches with the little ones.

  6. Fascinating site man!

    I work In fashion (purposely being vague but do a lot of work with illustrating). Working in fashion is a lot like teaching young children. Only there are no young children and at the end of the day, I’ve made almost no difference in the life of anyone.

    I applaud you though. Fantastic work.

    1. Thank you! You’ll find that most things in life are like working with small children – the only real difference from them and us is size and life experience.
      And even though you don’t see it, I’m sure you make a difference; we all do in our own special ways.

  7. Hi, thank you for stopping by and liking my blog – I love what I’ve seen so far of your illustrations! Look forward to seeing future works 🙂
    All the best, Liz

  8. Hello Ryan,
    At first I just wanted to thank you for visiting and supporting my blog.
    But in the meanwhile, I discovered that this website of yours is full of great content.
    Keep it up, I will gladly follow you.

  9. Hi there, thank you for liking my little squirrel post! I’m enjoying your work so far- looking forward to exploring a bit more 🙂

  10. Hi, Found you through Catherine Johnson’s blog. She chose you as her #BeWoW post of Inspiration and Positivity for today. Awesome site. I have an Author Interview and Book Review site. If you ever want to do a guest post or an interview, let me know.
    Much Respect
    PS-So Jealous of your talent.

    1. Ronovan! Wow! What a treat and surprise. Thanks for sharing this with me.

      Thank you for your kind words! And of course! I’d be happy to do an interview or have one of the books reviewed. Please feel free to contact me directly at lifeasgood(at)gmail.com

      Thanks again for your wonderful words! I look forward to reading more of your poetry.

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