American Views

Place and memory were at the forefront of my mind when cutting and composing American Views, a five piece paper artwork made from hand-cut 1963 Atlas pages and Nepalese papers. Each of the five were taken from maps the United States, capturing a glimpse of moments that might have been. 

Like all the works in Views, my 2017 fine art collection that reframes meaning through the symbolic language of landscape and sexuality, the subjects are reclaimed and rendered images taken from online sources. 

The fuchsia and turquoise of the luxurious jewel-toned Nepalese papers, with their gold and silver embossings, are a delightful foil for the aging, vintage atlas pages. Layered beneath pages representing the United States, the papers echo our modern state of first-world colonialism while simultaneously objectifying and celebrating sexuality. 

What keeps inspiring me in this series is it’s ability to harmonize conflict and uncertainty. The various layers of the hidden and revealed draw attention to the relationships between the parts. In some personal way, that space between is a place I find both familiar and invigorating.

The works are $950 for the set of five or $250 each, unframed. 

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