Ghosting in the rearview

Objects is about memory. The surreal landscape of desert and city reflect endings and beginnings.
I’m often in the car again, and new situations recall lessons learned. This is a piece about relationships but I’ll allow the viewer to decide what type. Regardless, I think we all have a few objects ghosting in the rear view. Or, it’s just about your ex. 😂😂 Objects is approx 18×20 but I may choose to mat at 18×18. Ink and white acrylic on paper. 

Another layer of white? Or finished? 


Works by artist K Ryan Henisey are currently on display at LAMAG’s Open Call: Play at Barnsdall Art Part and the Newhall Aquarium. Paintings will show at Ink and Clay 42 at the Kellogg Gallery at Cal Poly Pomona and Viral: 25 Years from Rodney King at the Betti Ono Gallery in Oakland this fall. 

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