At Wash

At Wash
Laundry hums in the light of day,

        A spinning, cleansing song;

All about the women call

       Their gossip through the throng.


Machines they hum their happy notes,

        A tandem, buzzing choir;

The washers chatter through long days,

        Shouting life’s raucous fire.


Oh, the din in the laundromat

        Is filled with voice and gears,

A happy sound that’s much the same

        As in those bygone years.

12 thoughts on “At Wash

  1. I like the way you composed this photo – I would not have thought of cutting the top and bottom like that, but it works really well. Great colours too. And, the poem is really good – I like the voice you find to connect the stainless steel and “bygone years”.

    1. Thanks. I was just paying around – there’s quite a bit of downtime when you’re at the laundromat in the early hours. 😉

      I liked the way the photo turned out – but it was difficult to get a decent shot under the fluorescents. Finally, I decided to play and be abstract.

      1. It worked! The laundry in motion, a bit blurred, is a nice touch too against the sharp focus of the rest of it. I can’t imagine you brought a tripod to the laundromat, so I am thinking there must be a bench or chairs or counter top that you set the camera on to get such good focus.

      2. Thanks! That was what I intended. I knew I wanted the wash to be blurred. And you are right, I did not drag my tripod – there are folding counters across from the dryers. I did get odd looks, laying across the countertop. 🙂

  2. I love this image! I “pinned” it on Pinterest, a site I suggest you join. I put my haiku postcard images up there and have had a good response.

    Best – AD

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